Consented Autopsy-Never-Failing yet Ever Falling

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Autopsy, derived from the Greek ‘autos’ and ‘opsomeri’ means ‘to see for oneself, and originates from mummification using human dissection around 3000BC. Over five millennia it has enabled the study of human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology culminating in 21st century medicine.

Consented Autopsy
Consented Autopsy

After such a rich and rewarding history, autopsy is on the brink of extinction. During the 1980s, around 30% of adult inpatient deaths in the United Kingdom were followed with consented autopsy, yet by 2013 this figure had fallen to less than 1% . The severity of this decline has led to the extinction of consented autopsy in 25% of hospitals in the UK. Marked declines have been noted around the globe. Read More>>>>>>>>


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