Mesokinetics of Formation and Growth of Nanostructured Substances with Strong Bonds

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Multiple scientific works are devoted to elaboration of methods for making nanostructured substances as well as for investigating a behavior of synthesized samples at different conditions. The study of formation, growth and behavior of nanostructures is a constituent part of mesophysics as the science dealing with the substance, revealing classical and quantum features simultaneously in the field of spatial scale 10–9–10–7 m.

Nanostructured objects
Nanostructured objects

Quantum features of a substance are most conspicuous with the availability of strong bonds between atoms. We consider two types of objects: 1) crystals whose lattice is formed by atoms of the same type oscillating as harmonic oscillators with typical frequencies ~1012–1014 s–1 (“atomic crystals”), and 2) crystals generated by macromolecules exhibiting both oscillating nature of internal motions with the given frequencies and rotary isomerism with the frequencies ~1010–1011 s–1 (“molecular crystals”). Read More>>>>>>>>>>


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