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Chemical Investigation for Antioxidant Property of Natural Extracts of Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Turmeric Using Singlet Oxygen

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Oxygen is an abundant element in nature with multiple faces. Dioxygen (O2) is the most common and important one, which is a prerequisite for all aerobic cell metabolism. Oxygen is also present in its another form with an unpaired electron; a free radical derivative with its highly unstable and reactive states.

Cinnamon & Black Pepper
Cinnamon & Black Pepper

These reactive forms have been implicated in a wide range of toxic mechanism in biological organisms. When the ground state O2 is exited to a higher energy state, singlet O2 is formed. This form of oxygen is also a harmful species for biological systems. Singlet oxygen can be formed photochemically by energy transfer from an excited photosensitizer. Numerous studies have focused on the use of antioxidants and scavenger enzyme systems.  Read More>>>>>>