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Mastitis Neonatorum: An Interesting and Uncommon Condition Seen in Infants

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A 21 day old male infant was admitted to NICU with swelling of right breast and fever from last 3 days. Baby had documented fever of 101ºF at the time of admission. Baby was exclusively breast feed with no history of decrease acceptance of feed. Examination showed enlargement of the right breast with erythema, tenderness and having size of 5 × 5cm.

Redness and erythema
Redness and erythema

Contralateral breast was normal with neither being erythematous nor tender. There was oozing of milk from the breast from the last few days. Mother gave a history of squeezing the breast when there was slight swelling of breast with milk discharge. Baby was treated with analgesic (paracetamol drops) and antibiotic (cefotaxime) and was discharged in good condition. Read More>>>>>>>>>